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19th May 2014


Sacks of Meat

Are you and me

merely merrily

lumps of slowly


high styled


In the eyes of a lost one you are

only animated pretty meaty bits are you.

Let’s hope he’ll waste not want not and eat you instead

rather than flush you down the loo

11th May 2014


Echoe’s Love

In my dreams I saw what this world had caused me to forget and refused to let me recollect.

11th May 2014



"You never saw me as human, did you?" asked the departed one.

"No, only as you." said the fox.

"And what is human?" Asked the disembodied eye.

"You’ll find your memories in your truth." replied Death

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11th May 2014


A Child’s Lament (for Alana)

My small fingers entwine in your silky hair, now brown not black, now long and rich with soft gentle waves that reflect the moonlight.

Faintly I call to you from my world and some how you can hear me.

You feel my tugs on your hair as I felt myself depart; sudden and unsure but gone all the same.

"I didn’t mean to die."

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11th May 2014


I always have nightmares. I just call them dreams.
— Sena

11th May 2014



Your scattered memories

became my scattered dreams

And some where

the hope fell

in between.




6th May 2014

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AM Tonight host Alicia Menendez and I did something fun, awkward and enlightening. Alicia suggested that I “flip the script”on her during our interview about my book Redefining Realness and ask her all the invasive questions I’m asked to prove my validity during interviews.

The following is a series of screengrabs where I ask her to prove her identity as a woman to me by asking about puberty, her transition from girl to woman, her genitalia and whether she used tampons. This was beyond uncomfortable but I hope our demonstration illuminates the problem in our media culture and it serves as a teaching moment for us all about self-determination and the fact that we are all valid, real and don’t need anyone’s interrogation into our lives, bodies and identities.

You can watch the full interview about my book Redefining Realness at Fusion, where I discuss my childhood, sex work and the power of telling our own stories.

Very cool

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4th March 2014


Ghost Sea

At first, as a child, I simply lived and felt. I breathed, tasted, asborbed life around me but never reflected. I was trained not to question or think. Only to be.

I never knew I existed until I was told otherwise.

I never knew I had a reflection worth caring about until I was taught to care.

As the years grew on, I noticed when looking into my own eyes that I saw just how empty I really was and was becoming.

I wanted to close those listless vacant windows forever.

But, I did not drown in the sea of white as I had intended to.

No, not in the White Sea lost with all the others who had forgotten they could live, I did not drown.

16th February 2014

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DarkOne Chronicles Intro





In the evening twilight of the forest he stood alone.
Slowly as the light of day did fade, so did his soliloquy begin. 
The words twisted and spiraled into poetry, it flowed from his mouth like black silk into the air.

Only the DarkOne heard as the words ceased from the ghost’s lips.
“Ah, Father Time has left him to his fate.” he whispered.
His black eyes shimmered in the distance.

24th January 2014

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Maybe we can be something other than human
when we learn to be at peace with being human.
Oddly that seems impossible on a collective scale.
Humans cannot seem to be satisfied with what they are.
Only in the presence of others do we become unsatisfied with ourselves.
Do you regret choosing to be human?

21st January 2014



One lush night
you gave way to my hands.
Brittle bones flew free.
An all I’ve got left
is your wine perfume
stainin’ the air.

5th January 2014


Because I love you

I saw your bruised and naked form

tinged with a dark red display of life.

Your face was obscured in the shadows.

Still, I know it was your soft delicate body that laid there torn;

a hellish wine stained fissure

 split you in two.

The stink of liqour wafted intwined

with the rich odor  of blood to my nose.

"I killed you again, my love."

 My dream subdued lips whispered in agony.

28th December 2013


Rub It Real Good

"I’m tired of humans," said the genie as she laid her bruised body down.

Dried semen stuck fast to her thighs. She sighed heavily.

A rough, uncaring hand shook her vessel. Impatient, lustful grunts reverberated against the smooth walls.

"Your wish is my command."

The lazy snake shriveled inside of her and then departed,

adding to the array of similar rivers that swirled round and round inside the genie.

 A lost cosmos inside a deep abyss.

27th December 2013


Faded Humming

Then She cradled the humans

hushing their cries that reached the sky.

"Let  it be my children,

won’t you please let it be.

As you kill me,

so shall you cease to be.”

Still, the children longed for a

Father who would never show Himself.

All the while abusing and ignoring Mother Earth

whom they could feel with all their senses.

27th December 2013


Holey Soul

Unsatisfied with being satisfied,

we go so far as to create a god

to pine for

and lament with not having.